Joe narrating the history of his life in 1993:

Joe’s History Part 1

Joe’s History Part 2

Joe’s History Part 3

home movies in approx. chronological order:

Zweben home movies from 1950’s

Sara 1987

Stewart and family in Sun City 1988

Joe and Berta at Stewart’s house 1989

Joe and family 1989

Sara’s 5th birthday about 1990

Joe’s 70th birthday 1991

Joe dancing at 70 1991

San Clemente 1992

Rosalie and family 1992 part 1

Rosalie and family 1992 part 2

Joe at 71 in Yahel 1992

Veronica and David at home 1993-95

Joe’s 74th birthday in Israel 1995

Joe entertainment director at Sun Dial 1996

Israel Joe and Mary 1997

Joe dancing in Sun City 1998

Zweben family at home and at Sherris’ 1998

Stewart’s family in California 1998

Stewart talk at Wisconsin 1998

Stewart’s family in Bahamas 1999

Joe Zweben 80th birthday 2001

Stewart introduction to fusion 2003

Stewart, David and Veronica 2003

David’s birthday 2010

Joe at Heritage Palmeras Feb. 2016

Grandchildren in NYC Apr. 2016

Joe at lunch at Royal Oaks 7/1/16

Joe’s room at the Royal Oaks 7/26/16

Joe at Royal Oaks lunch 9/4/16

Joe in his room at Royal Oaks 9/7/16

Sara and Joe Oct. 2016 at Royal Oaks